About US

We are a society of customs agency, dynamic, modern and high levels of systematization and professionalism. We have an advanced computer network that allows online data deliver to our customers up to date on the current state of operations. Our control program allows detailed tracking of each procedure and has a complete database for the collection of multiple statistics and information in real time.

We have highly qualified and committed to the satisfaction of our clients staff

We offer our services of customs agency under the process approach, establishing procedures to guarantee user satisfaction.

To optimize operations have indicators for each member of the supply chain: Client, Carrier, Ports, Tanks and Containers handlers. After each step, we send report dates, and whether the proposed goals were met, which we can make earrings to expedite the process and avoid inefficiencies adjustments on costs.

Seguridad BASC

Mission and Vision

MISSION:Customs Brokerage services offer...

VISION:Being the leader Customs Agency in Colombia...


You maintain continuous improvement processes through which support and support efficient, effective and timely manner, the foreign trade operations of our clients


Lend responsibly Customs Brokerage services, committed to safety, to prevent, detect and report to the control bodies.